About us


First and foremost, welcome to our introductory page and thank you for being interested in our foundation.
Our foundation dates back to 2013, when we had a few goals in mind: creating opportunities for the young generations, so that  education and even leisure time can become a part of their lives.

We tried to achieve our goals with the following programmes in the last five years:

–    Establishing „smile rooms”

–    Arranging educational field trips

–    We are trying to establish good relations with local communities, so that we can take part in different events, for example Santa Claus day, Easter, carnival days and every other opportunity we have to be present and do what is in the best interest of the children

“Smile room”: So far we had the opportunity to establish three so called “Smile rooms” in different settlements inside Békés and Csongrád county, which aim to give a new perspective to children’s free time, and where the children can try many different games while making new friends and forming a community. In these rooms you can find recent computer games, many types of board games, games requiring skills and dexterity, and almost every other kind of toy from dolls to cars, so everybody can find something for them. Setting up new rooms like this and improving the current ones is still a goal of ours.


Educational field trips: So far we had the opportunity to arrange two field trips to the Palace Of Miracles in Budapest, where a whole class could experience the laws of phsysics firsthand in a playful way. Our future plans involve organising further field trips similar to this, or any other event, which includes a more exciting way of teaching the younger generation. During these events we always try to follow the advices and instructions of teachers, and to plan the event accordingly.

Santa, Easter, Children’s day, Carnival: We are doing our best in participating and organising programmes like this to make leisure time more enjoyable. We also want to help keep traditions alive by decorating eggs at Easter, but we also made pancakes, participated in carnivals, and taught many children to swim, but we also brought televisions playing cartoons to children’s wards. As you can see, we are doing our best to be present in as many aspects of life as possible, and we try reaching our goal: „Children should be children, everything else is our task.”

Let your voice be heard! We would love to hear from you and about your ideas to help many more children Smile. We would also gladly support anybody, who has the same views as our foundation. Do not hesitate, contact us!
The Foundation For Tiny Smiles welcomes every type of support and resource that lets us arrange more events like the aforementioned ones, or helps us find new opportunities. Many of our plans require external help for them to be realized. and with your support we can create such an inspiring medium that can make the lives of generations of young ones better, thus creating a brighter future.

Operational information:

As with other foundations, The Foundation For Tiny Smiles needs money for it to remain operational. In previous years, every expense of the foundation, like operational fees, bookkeping fees, and any additional costs were paid by the foundation’s staff, so every donated penny was spent on organising the events.
On the other hand, we feel like we should mention that everybody working in the foundation does his or her part free of charge, without any financial compensation from the foundation. Our payment are the smiles on the tiny faces.
With all this in mind, we believe that we have to be transparent and be able to account for the last penny we get, which we manage by releasing our yearly fiscal reports on our webpage.

What opportunities do you have to support The Foundation For Tiny Smiles?

First and foremost, you can follow our events on our webpage or on Facebook, or send us an email at [email protected] to get the latest news and information about our upcoming events and to always be up to date. This way you can also decide which programme you would like to support.
(Of course, as per regarding laws, no personal information is handed over to thirds parties, no matter what.)

– Help spreading the word about our foundation. or contact us if you would like to see us organising our events near you. You can also help by setting up a coin collection point and emptying it regularly. Maybe our next Smile Room event will be  in your town.

Donating via bank transfer:

Money sent through a bank transfer is the safest and most transparent way of supporting us in a way that can be easily accounted for in our yearly report.

Our account number: (OTP) 11733041-20043946

From abroad: IBAN: HU08117330412004394600000000 , SWIFT: OTPVHUHB

Adress of the Bank: 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.

Our VAT ID number: 18523812-1-04

Coin boxes:
In many Hungarian cities, but also in several European ones you can find the coin boxes of The Foundation For Tiny Smiles. The money gathered in these are 100% spent on the children. When we collect the content of such boxes, we deposit it to our bank account and show the bank certificate to the shop where our box is set up. With this we would like to deepen the trust towards our foundation and we hope that more and more people help our cause and help building the future, even if 1 penny at a time.
And now, put a huge smile on your face. Believe me, others will get some of it, too. 

Ákos Seregley
Founder and Director