Carnival at Nagyér…

We organized another party for the little ones, this time at Nagyér. The one at7 Mezőkovácsháza was such a big success, that we managed to scare the cold away. This was only strengthened by the happy mood at the carnival of Nagyér, where the children put on the prettiest costumes to scare the remnants of the cold away. Our foundation rewarded the best and most imaginative costumes with many precious gifts, and gave even a cake to the costumed children. farsangi maszkThe children could even compete in many competitions, and after the evaluation of the costumes a hearty party started with a lot of dancing, happiness and many smiles.

We would like to say thank you to everyone, who helped us organize the event so that we could make this party even more beautiful for the children.
Pictures are available here.

The Team of the Foundation for Tiny Smiles

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