Easter fun at Nagyér

The location is Nagyér again, but this time the preschoolers joined us, too. They were also getting ready for Easter together with our foundation with many happy things.

First, the teachers hid Easter eggs made from cardboard on the grounds of the school and the kindergarten, which the children had to find. The cardboard eggs could then be swapped for real chocolate eggs. After the egg hunt the children could go inside the hall to play competitive games. They could jump like rabbits, carry eggs safely along a path and could participate in other activities related to Easter.husi nyuszi
After all this fun our foundation made it possible for the children to be able to decorate eggs and to make them extra pretty, while the smaller children received Easter themed drawings they could colour.

At the end of the day we gave every child a Kinder Surprise egg to make the day even greater for them.

Chaeck out the pictures at the gallery.

The team of the Foundation for Tiny Smiles

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