Our fourth Smileroom is already in use


We at the Foundation for Tiny Smiles have been around for almost 10 years in our region, and have arranged many events for the children, be it a school program or leisure time activity.

We have established a fourth location next to Nagyér, Mezőkovácsháza and Telekgerendás, where we can create opportunities for additional tiny smiles. We created a multifunctional room for the children for Children’s Day, which will be available for them permanently.

We tried to create such a community space, where they can either use the games already available in the room, or they can bring their own games and spend their free time with their friends.

The smaller children can use the playing mats, and the older ones can play an exciting video game, a game of darts, or air hockey.

The computer in the room can also be suitable for learning basic computer skills.

The list of available games can be updated by switching out some with ones that the children don’t use at home anymore, or the list can be extended if the games are offered for the room. Our goal is that the community space set up and handed over by us today becomes an attractive alternative for the children to spend their free time in, and that they come back time and time again.

The team of the foundation for Tiny Smiles

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