Pediatric doctor’s office – Tótkomlós

There are places where we do not want to see children to be around. But this does not mean that we do not think of them in such places. The pediatric office is a place just like that. Who wants the tábla amachildren to be in such a place? But if they have to be there, then why shouldn’t they be able to watch cartoons while waiting for the doctor?
We installed a television in the pediatric office of Tótkomlós for exactly this reason. Thanks to the TV the children are now able to watch cartoons while waiting to be treated.
We hope that with this, we can contribute a little bit to speeding up the recovery of the little ones.
For the installation of the television we received help from the local government of Tótkomlós, for which we would like to say our thanks together with the children.

The team of the Tiny Smiles foundation

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