Santa Claus contacted us…

Malac_05We at the foundation thought long and hard about what presents we should surprise the kids with on St. Nicholas’ day this year. In the end, it was Santa Claus himself who had the answer, since he asked us to invite a great puppet show to Tótkomlós to make the holiday exciting for the many children living in the area.

The Kövér Béla Bábszínház puppet-show helped us with the organization of the event and performed their breathtaking play, the Three Little Pigs.DSC_5875

The play went on in high spirits and at the end, everybody sang Jingle Bells together. Santa Claus could already hear the song from far away and even though he had to work a lot the previous day, he arrived in just mere seconds and gave chocolate Santa Clauses to the children.

Malac_04We hope everybody enjoyed the play, and like always, we promise that we will continue thinking about what we could do to organize more and better similar events in the future to make the little ones give us a Tiny Smile.

Pictures are available here.

The team of the Foundation for Tiny Smiles

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