The great improvement

We proudly present our biggest project yet:

The children cannot see the end of studying? We light a lantern for guiding them.

Let’s be honest, we ourselves were told many times to study, since it will be useful later in life. Looking back on this advice it turned out to be true, but to promote the process we thought it through a little bit:

We announce our project titled “The great improvement” in the Jankó Miklós Elementary School in Tótkomlós, which project is based on the academic average of the children. Comparing the end of year results to those of the end of the first semester, we can clearly see which class has improved the most. That class can travel to Visegrád for bobsledding or to Makó’s Adventure Land (the lower years and upper years are separated during this game). I will remind you again during the second semester that you are still in the game!

So if you really want to go and spend a wonderful day thanks to the foundation, all you have to do is study and improve your grades as much as possible. Let’s go! We are cheering you on!

The team of the Foundation for Tiny Smiles

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