Tiny Movie Screening

What makes a good cartoon? It should be educational, it should show values, it should be happy.
1cb39355461c5ef6dc2822dd9f410a09In our opinion, a child does not need anything more. We still have fond memories about the joy we felt when the old Movie Man visited us in kindergarten. On this thought we had the idea to do the same: try out ourselves in the same role and bring cartoons into the little ones’ lives. Our choice has fallen on the Kardoskút Kindergarten, where the children really liked our movie screening. It was a great experience for us, too, and it strenghtened our conviction that our programme was useful. Again, we had a lot of help from the managing personnel of the kindergarten. We really hope that we will have the chance to meet the children again, but  to also have the same great experience in other places, too.

If you wish you can check out the pictures here.

The team of the Foundation for Tiny Smiles

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